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  • One system, multiple applications

    - IHC, ISH, FISH and in situ amplification
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SYFR is delivering near-patient cancer diagnostics providing simpler, faster, and more cost effective advanced tissue staining systems.

The Unmet Need

Medicine is becoming increasingly sophisticated using molecular and genetic information to personalise patient treatments, so called Precision or Tailored Medicine. New markets for diagnostic technologies to support this emerging are growing at a rapid rate. Diagnostic companies are looking for an innovative position in the triangle between patient, doctor and payer. SYFR’s technology and current opportunity are closely aligned and uniquely positions the company to exploit the immediate opportunity within the high revenue tissue-based cancer diagnostics market.

Tissue-based Antibody-IHC, RNA-ISH and Next Generation Sequencing are multi-billion diagnostic markets. Automation allows for tissue-based diagnosis to be completed with greater efficiency, accuracy and at a lower cost. Automation in IHC has proven to play a critical and central role to both retain customers and increase revenues per customer. Large diagnostics companies such as GE-Healthcare, Agilent, Abbott Laboratories, Roche Diagnostics and Danaher Corporation have entered the market and are constantly evaluating acquisitions and/or partnership options. There is great interest for getting access to advanced low cost automation with a unique IP position and which addresses the needs of both developed and emerging markets. “Decentralized” molecular testing - closer to patients with much lower skill requirement is unequivocally regarded as a disruptive and exponential growth opportunity, owing to its faster test turnaround, higher margins, better patient care and a more rewarding physician experience.

Advanced IHC System

SYFR’s Solution

SYFR’s automation solution offers the ability to move the field forward from large centralized testing centers to viable models in decentralized small labs and clinics around the world increasing the market and shortening patient wait times. Meanwhile, the reagent technology that SYFR has developed allows for further innovations in methods of testing, creating long shelf life tests which can be sold in a single-use cartridge format, similar to ink in printers. SYFR’s disruptive technology and strong intellectual property uniquely positions the company to enable partnerships with global channels in IHC, ISH and Next Generation Sequencing markets. Syfr is in the vanguard of players redefining Diagnostics and so enabling the delivery of Personalised Medicine and its attendant benefits of improved outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.